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05.09.2017 11:08

Care and Assessment of Early Development According to Cultural Paradigm


Organization of assessment and care during first years of life requires of theoretical psychological argumentation. Conception of historical and cultural psychology, introduced by L.S. Vygotsky is one of possible backgrounds for such argumentation.  Early childhood should be understood as a specific period of development or specific psychological age. Ways of care and assessment depends on the level of professional knowledge and preparation of specialists. The article offers an opportunity of inclusion of early development into general neuropsychological conception of child’ development. Developmental procedures and organization of life should be taken into account by parents, teachers and other specialists. Original conception and proposals of the authors in relation to attendance of newborns by Master Program in Neuropsychology in Mexico are presented. Organization of emotional and personal communication between adult and child in specific kinds of joint actions is the basic method for care and assessment. The authors discuss the possibility of establishment of methodological relation between understanding of systems of care of newborns and fundamental concepts of neuropsychological theory within historical and cultural paradigm of development.


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